December Drug Free Safety Program Training (DFSP)

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Basic Program

  • You are not required to do random drug screens
  • You do not have to offer a second chance to employees who show positive, but recommended
  • You will need to add Ecstasy to your drug panel
  • All supervisors are required to complete BWCs on-line safety analysis training
  • You do not have to conduct a post-accident test if all of the following circumstances exist:
    • The accident resulted in minor injury, even when off-site medical attention is required
    • The was no violation of the work rules
    • An accident investigation determined there was no reasonable suspicion related to the accident
    • The accident is considered normal in relationship to the job functions of the injured employee

The basic program will give you a 4% discount on your BWC rates.

Advanced Program

  • You will need to do a 15% random of all employees annually
  • Offer a second chance to employees who show positive in most all cases. The initial assessment conducted by the Substance Abuse Professional will be paid by the Company. any recommendations made at the conclusion of the assessment will be the employee’s responsibility via health care benefits or and/or out of pocket.
  • Add Ecstasy (same as Basic Program)
  • Supervisors in addition to the safety analysis training will be required to be part of a Safety Action Plan which has not been developed as yet by the BWC
  • Post accident (same as Basic Program)

The Advanced Program offers a 7% discount on your BWC rates

Annual trainings required for each program is 1-hour employee/supervisor education and 1-hour supervisor education.


DFSP education incorporates awareness of the dangers of substance use in the workplace. Participating employers must arrange for each employee and supervisor to receive at least one hour initially within the first four months of the initial program year, with a one hour refresher annually thereafter.

Skill-building training for all supervisors is a minimum of two hours initially and one hour annually as a refresher for supervisors who already have received the initial two hours. New supervisors should receive the initial training within eight weeks of becoming a supervisor, and these supervisors would then get the one hour refresher in subsequent years.

Reservations are required, please call to verify room in these classes is available